This is our history

The Torrens Bauza family has celebrated its forty-fourth anniversary at the helm of BOY Restaurant, the most renowned grill in the north of Mallorca. ”Playa de Muro has always been our home and you can find us here since 1978”.

The Bay of Alcudia is an incredibly beautiful holiday area, and trying out our grilled meats before leaving has become a tradition. That’s the reason for our playground: parents can enjoy the best meats without having to worry about their little ones.

Our staff is another thing to be proud of. We train our team so they know the different kinds of meat, as well as how they’re fed and their lifestyles.

Our Quality Standards

With this premise, we’re sure that we’ll always be able to surprise you, thanks to our superb meats. It’s these meats that bring the most demanding of clients here. Our quality standards make sure that only the best of meats reach our kitchens. Here, they undergo an aging process called Dry beef aged, in which the meat is aged in temperature and humidity-controlled environments. This is a long process, and along with the natural quality of our unprocessed meat, that allows us to satisfy each and every one of our diners.

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The best meat in the world in Majorca’s landmark grill. Boy Restaurant

The family restaurant where you can enjoy the best cuts of meat prepared by the best professionals.


The origin of our meats

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La finca

From the Madrid’s western mountains, La Finca sends us its best meats since our foundation. Their philosophy is raising happy cattle, thus offering the “meat of happiness”. This is their slogan. Their animals are well cared for and well fed, which influence the taste of their meat.

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Irish Angus

Irish Angus is one of the most famous meats in the world. With a soft and tender texture, its highlight is its taste. This comes from the great ratio of fat infiltration and the feeding in the green Irish pastures.

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Australian Angus

This kind of Australian meat is raised and fed exclusively with grass. The livestock is raised stress-free and with free access to water. The result is a very natural meat. Its light white-colored fat has a very particular and special taste. The meat is quite tender thanks to the absence of grain in their feeding.

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USA Nebraska Ox

This juicy and tender meat is the result of breeding Aberdeen Angus and the indigenous Nebraska breeds. In fact, this is the quintessential premium meat. It can be compared to veal tenderloin, but it’s much tastier. And opposite to the others, it’s fed with grain.

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